EasyMarkets Keeps Brexit Margin Promise

We can report that forex broker easyMarkets is one of just a handful of firms who have preserved regular margin and leverage requirements throughout the Brexit volatility storm.

Honouring the promise made to clients in the run up to the referendum event, which was expected to cause significant market turbulence regardless of the outcome, easyMarkets continued to provide the same trading conditions to which their clients are accustomed.


In addition to maintaining the offer of up to 200:1 leverage across all popular currency pairs, even including the tumultuous GBPUSD, the broker has reported zero clients with negative balances following the event. This suggests that although leverage was not cut, the CySEC-regulated broker was still prudent in managing risk and educating its customers around the dangers of over-exposure during the referendum.

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A statement on the news pages of the broker’s website reads as follows:

Leading up to the Brexit referendum, easyMarkets announced to its traders that it would not alter its trading conditions. Leverage would remain at 1:200, No Slippage, Fixed Spreads and Free Guaranteed STOP LOSS.

Following the Brexit event easyMarkets can confirm that client orders were executed at the requested prices and that no clients suffered from negative account balances. CEO, Nikos Antoniades says:

Our goal is to keep traders safe especially when trading in such volatile conditions. The Brexit event was the perfect scenario for us to show that we honour our promises to our traders.

easyMarkets has positioned itself as one of the easiest and safest brokers to trade with. Promises are easily made when the markets are predictable however easyMarkets has again honoured its commitment to traders under even the most adverse market conditions.

easyMarkets also responded to the event by offering a number of trading options designed to limit the risks of volatility but still profit from the opportunities that arose, including Fixed Spreads, Negative Balance Protection, and Vanilla Options. This continues a trend for robust risk management at the brokerage, which weathered last year’s Swiss Franc fallout without detriment, and has demonstrated a commitment to client safety in line with its mission to appeal to new and inexperienced forex traders.